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Kanken Backpack

Cheap kanken backpack: Pretty much the entire site is 50 percent off for today only, but here’s the catch — not all of it is. Since there’s so much to sift through, we sniffed around for things that are rarely on sale and found a selection of Fjallraven bags (again, not all of them are on sale) in a whole slew of colors. Below, find backpacks, mini backpacks, and duffel bags perfect for taking along on your next weekend getaway.

Fjallraven Kanken Backpacks
Hot -50 %
Brand: KANKEN Model: F23510
Frost Green & Peach Pink Warm Yellow Burnt Orange Deep Red Sky Blue UN Blue
UN Blue Purple Forest Green Forest Green Peach Pink more color
Kanken Classic Backpack Specifications SKU: F23510Height: 38 cmWidth: 27 cmDepth: 13 cmVolume: ..
$40.00 $80.00
Fjallraven Greenland Wax
-57 %
Brand: KANKEN Model: F79060
Product descriptionWax impregnation for garments in G-1000 fabric. Rubbed on and melted in for a water resistant and dur..
$5.00 $11.50
Fjallraven Foldsack No.1 Backpacks
Hot -50 %
Brand: KANKEN Model: F24210
Dark Garnet Warm Yellow Green Navy
Fjallraven Foldsack No.1 Backpack Specifications SKU: F24210Height: 40 cmWidth: 30 cmDepth: 15 cmWe..
$55.00 $110.00
Fjallraven Kanken Art Backpacks
Hot -50 %
Brand: KANKEN Model: F23610
Green Fable Spring Landscape Blue Fable Summer Landscape Birch-Forest
Kanken Art Backpack Specifications SKU: F24210Height: 38 cmWidth: 27 cmDepth: 13 cmWeight: 400..
$45.00 $90.00
Kanken Rainbow
Hot -48 %
Brand: KANKEN Model: F23620
Deep Blue-Rainbow Pattern Purple-Rainbow Pattern
Nature has no prejudices – the rainbow has become a symbol for diversity, acceptance and equality and we think it perfec..
$42.00 $80.00
Kanken Sling
Hot -38 %
Brand: KANKEN Model: F23797
Ox Red Graphite Pink Frost-Green
For Kånken lovers who only want to carry a few things, we have scaled down the classic backpack to create a small should..
$40.00 $65.00
Brand: KANKEN Model: F23510-as
Air Blue/Striped
Kanken Air Blue Striped Backpack Specifications SKU: F23510Height: 38 cmWidth: 27 cmDepth: 13 cmWeight (FJR): 300 gVolu..
Kanken Backpack Air Blue
Hot -50 %
Brand: KANKEN Model: F23510-ab
Air Blue
Kanken Air Blue Backpack Specifications SKU: F23510-abOuter material: 100% Polypropylene, Vinylon-F: 100% vin..
$40.00 $80.00
Brand: KANKEN Model: F23510-bg
Birch Green
Kanken Birch Green Backpack Specifications SKU: F23510Gender: UnisexConcept: OutdoorHeight: 38 cmWi..
Kånken Black Ox-Red
Hot -50 %
Brand: KANKEN Model: F23510-bo
Black-Ox Red
Kanken Black Ox-Red Backpack Specifications SKU: F23510Height: 38 cmWidth: 27 cmDepth: 13 cmWeight ..
$40.00 $80.00
Kånken Black-Striped
Hot -50 %
Brand: KANKEN Model: F23510-bs
Kanken Classic Black-Striped Backpack Specifications SKU: F23510-bsHeight: 38 cmWidth: 27 cmDepth: ..
$40.00 $80.00
Brand: KANKEN Model: F23510-br
Blue Ridge
Kanken Blue Ridge Backpack Specifications SKU: F23510Height: 38 cmWidth: 27 cmDepth: 13 cmWeight (F..
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