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cheap kanken backpacks america
Bape X MMJ Joint Tee 2020

Bape X MMJ Joint Tee 2020

kanken backpacks america
$59.00 $156.00
  • Brand: BAPE
  • Product Code: BPMMJ20
  • Availability: In Stock
Bape X MMJ Joint Teebape X MMJ joint short-sleeved classic Japanese ape human head and skull trend collide and weave and dye 230g pure cotton fabric T...

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Bape X MMJ Joint Tee

bape X MMJ joint short-sleeved classic Japanese ape human head and skull trend collide and weave and dye 230g pure cotton fabric The front pattern is biased to the Mastermind skull black and white gray dark shades The back is mainly Bape Japanese high street colors to form a unique A contrast pattern printed pattern full of embroidery texture embroidery and printing are interlaced with high street style color black white

size: S-XL

Bape Tee Sizing Chart

S 47 107 73 165 - 175 50 - 65
M 49 112 75 170 - 180 66 - 75
L 51 117 77 175 - 185 75 - 85
XL 53 122 79 180 - 190 85 - 100
*Notice: There may be a subtle difference in the measurement methods of different brands. This directive is for reference only.
black bape tee
black bape tee
black bape tee
black bape tee
black bape tee
black bape tee
black bape tee
black bape tee

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BPMMJ20 Bape X MMJ Joint Tee 2020
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cheap kanken backpacks america