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Vans Men Shoes AVE Pro Blanc De Blanc/Black

Vans Men Shoes AVE Pro Blanc De Blanc/Black
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Vans Men Shoes AVE Pro Blanc De Blanc/Black
DON'T ASK FOR THE PERFECT COMBINATION OF BOARDFEEL AND SUPPORT. DEMAND IT.For Anthony Van Engelen, "Good enough isn't good enough" - he's ..
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For Anthony Van Engelen, "Good enough isn't good enough" - he's barely satisfied with great. He'd only put his name on the most uncompromising, technically advanced skate shoe we've ever made, so you can imagine how demanding the design process was for his new signature shoe, the AVE Pro. Featuring combined DURACAP™ and Rapidweld no-sew technology with our LuxLiner inner linings for the optimum fit and durability, the AVE Pro is grounded on our new UltimateWaffle™ construction to create the best skate shoe worthy of its name.


  • ULTIMATEWAFFLE™ - A truly unique outsole construction combining built-in Impact Cushioning, Superior Boardfeel and an interal stabilizing shank for Perfectly Balanced Support.
  • UNRIVALED DURABILITY - Reinforced DURACAP™ underlays and RAPIDWELD™ no-sew construction create durable uppers built to withstand the daily abuse of skateboarding.
  • LOCKED-IN FIT - The LUXLINER™ tongue and internal liner integration provides the locked-in fit skaters demand.

Footwear Sizing Chart

Boys/Men Women Uk* Eur* Mexico*
3.5 5.0 2.5 34.5 21.5
4.0 5.5 3.0 35.0 22.0
4.5 6.0 3.5 36.0 22.5
5.0 6.5 4.0 36.5 23.0
5.5 7.0 4.5 37.0 23.5
6.0 7.5 5.0 38.0 24.0
6.5 8.0 5.5 38.5 24.5
7.0 8.5 6.0 39.0 25.0
7.5 9.0 6.5 40.0 25.5
8.0 9.5 7.0 40.5 26.0
8.5 10.0 7.5 41.0 26.5
9.0 10.5 8.5 42.0 27.0
9.5 11.0 8.5 42.5 27.5
10.0 11.5 9.0 43.0 28.0
10.5 12.0 9.5 44.0 28.5
11.0 10.0 44.5 29.0
11.5 10.5 45.0 29.5
12.0 11.0 46.0 30.0
13.0 12.0 47.0 31.0
14.0 13.0 48.0 32.0
15.0 14.0 49.0 33.0
16.0 15.0 50.0 34.0
*Notice: There may be a subtle difference in the measurement methods of different brands. This directive is for reference only.

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Vans Men Shoes AVE Pro Blanc De Blanc/Black Vans Men Shoes AVE Pro Blanc De Blanc/Black Vans Men Shoes AVE Pro Blanc De Blanc/Black

The famous American sports brand VANS was founded in 1966, on the streets of Anaheim, California. Each shoe has a unique personality and is a must-have casual shoe for fashionable young people in the United States, Japan, and Hong Kong. VANS uses the traditional hardening method (vulcanized sole) to make the shoes have a strong structure. Until now, VANS has also introduced a lot of color styles, especially recently, the new colors are all excellent, it is a very good color matching, giving a kind of The feeling of the VANS whirlwind. VANS has always been loved by young people in Japan and South Korea. Skateboarding, surfing, and street dance, VANS combines many fashionable elements.


Vans shoes are handmade, no double shoes will have subtle differences, which is normal.

The shoes are glued with environmentally friendly glue, and the bonding effect is not as good as that of industrial glue. If there is glue opening, it is normal.

Shoes are not art, small spills, followed by LOGO small friction, is a normal phenomenon, perfectionists buy carefully. Do not wash with water when cleaning.

Shoes maintenance note:

1. Avoid scratches, rain, and stains when wearing.

2. Do not apply any cleaning agent to avoid damaging the surface of the leather.

3. Wipe off the dirt on the surface with a soft brush or a soft cloth. Avoid high temperature exposure.

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Due to the different photos, lights, and monitors, the products you see on your computer may be different from the products you receive. The actual color is subject to the product you received. Please contact customers who are more demanding in color. Buy with caution.

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